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hafnium carbide 995


【 Width:】:1220-4200mm


【Packaging Details:】:Standard export seaworthy packing or as required.

【Delivery Time:】:30-50 days, 7 days for stock goods.

【Loading Port:】:Shanghai ,Tianjin, Qingdao.

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hafnium carbide 995 Introduction

Hafnium(IV) carbide - Wikipedia

Hafnium carbide (Hf C) is a chemical compound of hafnium and carbon.With a melting point of about 3900 °C it is one of the most refractory binary compounds known. However, it has a low oxidation resistance, with the oxidation starting at temperatures as low as 430 °C.

Chemical formula HfC

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Hafnium Metal Granules - Hafnium Powder - Micron Metals

Hafnium is used in iron, titanium, niobium, tantalum, and other metal alloys. It’s a chemical element with symbol Hf and atomic number 72. Hafnium Metal Granules is also used in the recrystallization of tungsten filament.

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Hafnium carbide, Gray powder, 99.5% (Metals basis ...

Hafnium carbide, Gray powder, 99.5% (Metals basis excluding Zr), Alfa Aesar™ Structure Search; Print SDS. Hafnium carbide, Gray powder, 99.5% (Metals basis excluding Zr), Alfa Aesar™ Click to view available options Quantity ...

CAS 12069-85-1

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Hafnium Carbide is available in numerous forms and custom shapes including disc, granules, ingot, pellets, pieces, powder, rod, and sputtering target. High purity forms also include Carbide powder, submicron powder and nanoscale, single crystal or polycrystalline forms.

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High Temperature Coatings Archives Page 2 of 3 Micron ...

Home > Products tagged “High Temperature Coatings” (Page 2) Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price low to high Sort …

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Oxidation of Hafnium Carbide in the Temperature Range …

After hafnium carbide has been oxidized at temperatures in the range of 1400° to 2060°C, three distinct layers are present in the film cross section (a) a residual carbide layer with dissolved oxygen in the lattice, (b) a dense‐appearing oxide interlayer containing carbon, and (c) a porous outer layer of hafnium …

Cited by 81

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High Purity Hafnium Carbide (HfC) - ALB Materials Inc

ALB Materials Inc supply High Purity Hafnium Carbide (HfC) with high quality at competitive price.

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Hafnium - Wikipedia

Hafnium carbide is the most refractory binary compound known, with a melting point over 3890 °C, and hafnium nitride is the most refractory of all known metal nitrides, with a melting point of 3310 °C.

Pronunciation /ˈhæfniəm/ ​(HAF-nee-əm)

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Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Ultramet

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) results from the chemical reaction of gaseous precursor(s) at a heated substrate to yield a fully dense deposit. Ultramet uses CVD to apply refractory metals and ceramics as thin coatings on various substrates and to produce freestanding thick-walled structures. Thermodynamics...

Author Ultramet

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Materials - processmaterials

Choosing the material is as important as choosing the form. Process Materials has a wide variety of precious and non-precious materials including pure elements, compounds and alloys in purities ranging from 99% to 99.9999% for both R&D and production.

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Densification and Mechanical Behavior of HfC and HfB2 ...

Hafnium diboride (HfB 2)‐ and hafnium carbide (HfC)‐based materials containing MoSi 2 as sintering aid in the volumetric range 1%–9% were densified by spark plasma sintering at …

Cited by 102

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Catalog - Strem Chemicals

Use fewer keywords or a partial key word. You can enter a partial Catalog Number or CAS Number. Enter a full catalog number when searching for a SDS or Certificates of Analysis. Browse the Catalog sub pages to help narrow down your search by catalysts, ligands, or acronyms.

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Ceramic - brightevermaterial

Sign. Purity. Speciafication. Boron Carbide. B4C. 99.5%. Disk Targets, Rectangle targets,Column Targets,Step Targets,By Drawing. Chromium Carbide. Cr3C2. 99.5%

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Titanium (Ti) Pellets Evaporation Materials - Lesker

General. Titanium is a common material found in a myriad of products including watches, drill bits, laptops, and bicycles, just to name a few. In pure form, it is lustrous and silvery-white in appearance. It has a melting point of 1,660°C, a density of 4.5 g/cc, and a vapor pressure of 10 -4 Torr at 1,453°C.

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High Purity Hafnium Chloride (HfCl4) - ALB Materials Inc

Pictures of High Purity Hafnium Chloride (HfCl4) In high purity materials field, purity can be list as 99.999% or 5N(five nine), accordingly, 2N=99%, 2N5=99.5%, 3N=99.9%, 3N5=99.95%, 4N=99.99%, 4N5=99.995%, 6N=99.9999%, 7N=99.99999%, 4N-6N means purity from 99.99% to 99.9999% etc.

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Hafnium Carbide Powder / HfC Powder (HfC, 99.9%, 800nm, …

Hafnium Carbide Powder - HfC Powder APS 800nm Purity 99.9% metal bisis Color Gray Theoretical density 12.7g/cm3 Melting point 3890 o C Volume resistivity 1.95×10-4.Ω cm (2900 o C) Thermal expansion coefficient of 6.73×10-6/ o C.

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OXIDATION MECHANISMS OF HAFNIUM CARBIDE AND HAFNIUM DIBORIDE IN THE TEMPERATURE RANGE 1400 TO 2100°C Two ultra-high-temperature materials, hafnium carbide and hafnium diboride, were oxidized in the temperature range 1400 to 2100°C. The two materials oxidized in distinctly different ways. The carbide formed

Published in Johns Hopkins Apl Technical Digest · 1993Authors C B Bargeron · Richard C Benson · R W Newman · A N Jette · Terry E PhillipsAffiliation Johns Hopkins UniversityAbout Hafnium compounds · Atmospheric temperature range · Chemical reaction · Carbide

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hafnium carbide powder Purity 99.5%,China - guidechem

Hafnium carbide powderis the key raw material for manufacturing hard alloys of high performance, aerospace, atomic energy, electronic, coating, hard thin film and metallurgy automation. It is very suitable for rocket nozzle and application in ceramic industry, etc.

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HfC Hafnium Cabide powder - langfengmaterials

Hafnium carbide with zirconium carbide, tantalum carbide and other carbide could be made into multiple solid solution. 4TaC HfC has a melting point of 4215°C, the highest melting point compound as known. Hafnium carbide’s high hardness and melting point, can be used as additives in cemented carbide products.

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Hafnium Carbide Powder Hfc - go4WorldBusiness

Hafnium carbide is a chemical compound of hafnium and carbon. With a melting point of about 3900 ¦C it is one of the most refractory binary compounds known.[2]

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Hafnium, Hf - Testbourne Ltd

SuperVac® Hafnium Fluoride, HfF 4, 3-6mm pieces (sintered), 99.9% pure SuperVac® Hafnium Oxide, HfO 2 , 10mm diameter x 10mm thick tablets, 99.99 % pure SuperVac® Hafnium Oxide, HfO 2 , 10-12mm diameter x 4-5mm thick tablets (black), 99.9% pure

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Tantalum Hafnium Carbide AMERICAN ELEMENTS

Tantalum Hafnium Carbide is a mixture of tantalum carbide and hafnium carbide that is extremely refractory, with an approximate melting point of 3990 °C. Please request a quote above to receive pricing information based on your specifications. Tantalum Hafnium Carbide Synonyms.

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341706 Edits-Linecard 121918 - reade

Hafnium Hafnium Carbide Hastelloy Hydrophobic Sand Ilmenite Indium Iron Iron Oxide Lanthanum Lanthanum Chromite Lead Magnesium Magnesium (Atomized) Magnesium Aluminide ... 99 - 99.995% 99% 99.98% Please Inquire 99%+ 99.5% Please Inquire 99.97% Please Inquire 99.95% 97%+ 99.99% Amorphous, Crystalline, Fused, Granules, Powder

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Some New Perspectives on Oxidation of Silicon Carbide and ...

Shiro Shimada, Fahmi Yunazar and Shigeki Otani, Oxidation of Hafnium Carbide and Titanium Carbide Single Crystals with the Formation of Carbon at High Temperatures and Low Oxygen Pressures, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 83, 4, (721-728), (2004).

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Titanium (Ti) Pellets Evaporation Materials - Lesker

Titanium (Ti) Pellets Evaporation Materials. Overview. We sell these pellets and pieces by unit weight for evaporation use in deposition processes. These approximate materials prices are published to provide budgetary guidelines. ... 99.995% EVMTI45QXQD $169.00 Titanium 1/4" Dia. x 1/4" Length 225 g 99.995% EVMTI45QXQI $316.00 Titanium 1/8 ...

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Hi-Point 995 9mm Carbine Rifle 995TS RK Guns

Hi-Point 995 9mm Carbine Rifle 995TS More Views Please Note Many of our pictures are stock photos provided to us by the manufacturer and do not necessarily represent the actual item being purchased.

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Novel micromesoporous carbon materials synthesized from ...

Tantalum hafnium carbide (Ta4HfC5, 99.0% purity, 45 micron powder, Goodfellow) or Tungsten titanium carbide (WTiC2, 99.5% purity, 150 micron powder, Goodfellow), was placed onto a quartz stationary bed reactor and reacted with Cl2 (AGA, 99.99%) at chosen fixed …

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Evaporation Materials - Princeton Scientific

Home » Materials » Evaporation Materials Princeton Scientific Corp. provides a wide variety of evaporation materials for the vacuum deposition industry. Our materials are available in various purities ranging from 99.9% to 99.9999%.

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